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Our innovative product, the DPF Euro 6 connection adapter, is designed for particulate filters used in lorries, buses, construction machines and forklift trucks. The adapter works perfectly with hydrodynamic DPF cleaning machines.

DPF Euro 6 filters are distinguished by the fact that their ceramic core is fully exposed on the outlet side as well as on the inlet side. DPF filters of this type have been introduced in Poland relatively recently, due to the introduction of the Euro 6 emission standard.

In the USA this type of filter appeared much earlier, at the beginning of the 2000s. They are characterised by the fact that they have even and flat flanges – a steel ring rim, unlike their European counterparts.

European filter manufacturers have introduced DPF Euro 6 filters in steel housings with non-standard edges, such as steel clips, perforated flanges and metal handles. All such solutions make it difficult to fit them tightly to a traditional adapter. In addition, the liquid jet during cleaning does not act with the same force over the entire length and section of the particulate filter. As a result, the outer walls of the filter, located closer to the filter housing, are not as thoroughly cleaned as the middle part of the filter, where the jet acts with the greatest force.

In Europe over the last few years, DPF cleaning machine manufacturers have been equipping their machines with adapters which were based on filter shapes from the USA. Unfortunately, they did not fully meet the expectations of European customers. Therefore, as the demand for DPF Euro 6 filter cleaning has increased, a need has arisen for a fully universal connection adapter that is tailored to current market needs.

It is worth adding that some manufacturers still offer old type adapters, shaped like a flat plate, a cone or a steel construction with a pneumatic actuator.

During the first years of use, you couldn’t tell DPF Euro 6 filters existed, so there was no need for an innovative adapter. Since the beginning of 2019, more and more Euro 6 filters have been brought into cleaning workshops. Most often this is due to the mileage of the vehicles and the limited capacity of the filter itself.

Since 2020, OTOMATIC is the first and only company on the market to offer its customers a dedicated Euro 6 connection adapter that fully complies with European standards.

The invention is covered by patent application No P.432918 (view document >>>)


The steel flange of the DPF Euro 6 inlet side is flat and has even edges, unlike its irregular outlet section. When cleaning, the flat flange allows the filter to be fully sealed on the exhaust inlet side, conveniently around its flat and even edge. In the old type of adapters, the adapter has to be mounted and sealed on the outlet side, which is difficult due to its irregular shape.

The subject matter of the patent is a technology that is distinctive in that we seal the inlet side of the filter instead of the irregular, problematic outlet side, using a patented pressure tank. To ensure that the cleaning agent flows through the filter, the inlet side must be sealed around the entire circumference of the edge of the filter housing ring so that no cleaning agent can escape through the filter insert.

The uniqueness of the invention lies in the fact that we have retained (fulfilled) the basic principle behind wet filter cleaning technology, i.e. to feed the cleaning agent first from the outlet side of the filter, but with the difference being, when compared to competitive solutions, that we seal the filter from the inlet side, and not like everyone else from the outlet side.

A closed cleaning circuit in the pressure chamber guarantees complete and even cleaning of all filter channels. In addition, when drying with hot air, a thermal convection effect is achieved instead of spot drying.


  • one adapter for all types of DPF Euro 6 from commercial vehicles
  • uniform cleaning of all the channels of the ceramic filter insert
  • the drying time of the filter after washing is three times shorter, thanks to thermal convection
  • two-way cleaning and drying process
  • increase in competitiveness in relation to users of traditional adapters
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