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DPF filters cleaning is becoming more and more popular among diesel car users every year, and the demand for it is constantly growing. More frequent emissions controls carried out by the police,  mean that the DPF filter cleaning machine is slowly becoming an indispensable element of garage equipment and professional services. In addition, the rapid return on investment and potential profits from the dpf machine are prompting many companies to expand their business.

Stand for cleaning DPF filters

Stand for cleaning DPF filters

Development of the industry and improvement of cleaning methods existing on the market, means that the machine for regeneration of DPF filters is no longer just a simple dpf washer but a technologically advanced multi-functional device. Currently, the hydrodynamic method is the most popular way to restore filters up to 100% of their original efficiency, which almost completely dominated the market and displaced others. It uses strength of the turbulent hydrodynamic water flow and compressed air impulse from the compressor. Movement of the fluid (working fluid) is forced by external pressure, which must overcome flow resistance in the filter channels.

The DPF cleaning machine offered by OTOMATIC is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness. With its help you can clean up to a dozen filters in one day.

Workshops are increasingly dropping the filter cutting service. In return, they start offering a cleaning service by choosing the direction of a professional workshop. The DPF machine will definitely help in the fight against illegal procedure of removing DPF filter from diesel cars

With the development of the hydrodynamic method of DPF cleaning, new business opportunities are opening up. Increasingly, owners of transport companies and municipal communication facilities are asking about the service. DPF filters have also found their place in vehicles such as tractors, forklifts and construction machinery.

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