Otomatic - Largest manufacturer of dpf machines
 DPF / FAP/ CAT filter regeneration machines

Otomatic offers an attractive training for people interested in starting business related to regeneration / cleaning of DPF / FAP / CAT filters.
The training is for people who make their first steps in the profession, as well as for professionals with long experience in the industry.
We train in theory and practice (using our own machines and test filters).

Training program:

- The business aspect of providing DPF / FAP / CAT filter regeneration services.
- Advanced theoretical knowledge of the construction and operation of the DPF / FAP / CAT filter.
- Identification of typical and unusual causes of DPF / FAP / CAT filter defects with an emphasis on learning cause-effect analysis.
- Acquiring the ability to perform measurements and assessment of filter wear.
- Preparation of filters for cleaning.
- Cleaning in practice - machine operation.
- Customer service.
- Document workflow.

End of training. Certificate Handing.
Trainees have the opportunity to observe the equipment and procedures in force in the workshop from receipt of the filter to delivery to the customer.

After the training we offer free telephone support.

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