Otomatic - Largest manufacturer of dpf machines
 DPF / FAP/ CAT filter regeneration machines


OTOMATIC is not only a leading European manufacturer of DPF/FAP/KAT/SCR filter cleaning machines, but also a team of professionals who are not afraid to answer difficult questions. We know everything about our machines because we build them from scratch. Moreover, we control the quality of individual components at every stage of production. We focus on development. We test new solutions and continuously improve all our products. Thanks to this we are sure that each of our DPF cleaning machines will meet our customers’ expectations.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with others. After seeing us, the DPF cleaning machine will become an effective tool in your hands.

We offer attractive training for people interested in starting a business related to DPF regeneration / cleaning. Training courses are designed for people taking their first steps in the profession, as well as professionals with many years of experience in the industry.

We have developed a rich training programme consisting of two parts: theoretical and practical. Learning takes place using our own machines and test filters.


I Theoretical part:

- Understanding of the business aspects of providing DPF regeneration services.
- Advanced theoretical knowledge of filter design and operation.
- Solving the most common problems related to the DPF cleaning in cars and commercial vehicles
- Customer service.
- Document flow.

II Practical part:

- Identifying common and unusual causes of DPF/FAP/KAT filter faults with a focus on cause-effect analysis.
- Gaining the ability to perform measurements and assess filter wear.
- Preparing filters for regeneration.
- Regeneration in practice – machine operation.

At the end of the training each participant receives a certificate.
Students have the opportunity to observe the equipment and procedures in place in the workshop – from the collection of the filter to its delivery to the customer.

Our role is not just limited to training and sales of the machine. After purchasing the machine, you can count on the help of our technical advisors and after sales service at any time.
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