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Only in 2020 our customers have already cleaned over 20,000 filters!

Data from the reports show that the situation on the DPF cleaning market has normalized after the collapse associated with the forced lockdown. OTOMATIC customers have already cleaned more than 20,000 filters only in 2020 using Premium and Matic machines purchased from us. Thank you for your trust. We are glad that we could contribute […]

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OTOMATIC training room

Behind us another successful DPF cleaning training

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Cleaning DPF filtre Euro 6

Full cleaning service for the euro6 truck type DPF filter, including disassembly and assembly. At our headquarters, we provide filter cleaning services for passenger cars, vans, as well as trucks. We share our experience with our clients during trainings. The filter was heavily clogged with unburned soot, which is rare in this type of vehicle. […]

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Grand finale AP EXPERT!

On September 6-8, the Grand Finale of AP Expert took place, organized by one of the largest automotive wholesalers in Poland, Auto Partner S.A. AP Expert is an event in which the best mechanic receives the title "Outstanding Among Experts". Otomatic had the pleasure to be there as an exhibitor of its products. The event […]

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Cleaning 2 twin DPF filters from Audi Q7

We got Audi Q7 with a significant drop in power 4.2 TDI. In our workshop, we managed to diagnose the cause. Car with over 300,000 km, DPF filter almost completely clogged. Disassembly and assembly of two DPF filters took us less than 3 hours. Then cleaning the filters in 2 hours. The client left the […]

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Cleaning rail bus catalyst

In recent days, a rail bus catalyst came to us, which exploded while driving.   After many hours of repair and regeneration, a cleaning time came up.   Our DPF Premium machine was able to accomodate this giant catalyst in its cabin.   On the day the catalyst was picked up, the customer asked us […]

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Dpf regeneration machine producer

DPF Business Plan with market analysis, customer groups, as well as marketing and financial planning.

In order to ensure the success of our customers, we have developed a professional training programme on providing DPF cleaning services.
The training programme covers the business aspects, i.e. how to make money.

During the training we discuss our own business plan, through which the DPF regeneration department in our own company has proven to be very profitable.

When you purchase a machine in our company, you join those who have already succeeded.
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Our hot-water high-pressure equipment utilises the power of turbulent hydrodynamic water flow and the force of compressed air impulses from a compressor. The movement of the liquid (working fluid) is driven by external pressure, which needs to overcome the flow resistance within the filter channels.
Under turbulent flow, the fluid streams mix to form vortexes that easily penetrate and remove particles in the microporous partitions of the filter channels.
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We specialise in the production of machines and equipment used in the automotive industry, in particular for the regeneration and cleaning of car parts. Our flagship and proprietary products are our particulate filter cleaners. We also design and manufacture supplementary devices for use in car washes and devices for disinfecting hands – the latter marketed under the Sanit Matic brand.
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