Otomatic - Largest manufacturer of dpf machines
 DPF / FAP/ CAT filter regeneration machines


OTOMATIC is a company with two departments working closely together:

We specialise in the production of machines and equipment used in the automotive industry, in particular for the regeneration and cleaning of car parts. Our flagship and proprietary products are our particulate filter cleaners. We also design and manufacture supplementary devices for use in car washes and devices for disinfecting hands – the latter marketed under the Sanit Matic brand.
Our main business activity is the design and manufacture of industrial machines, as well as the manufacture of customised machines. We offer our customers comprehensive solutions related to equipment for food processing, the chemical industry, plastics processing and others. Very often these are prototype devices, starting from concept to installation at the customer’s premises. We build equipment tailored to the specific and individual needs of our customers.
We provide services for the sheet metal industry including: laser cutting, bending, welding. We participate in large projects as a subcontractor company supplying finished components for machines, equipment and entire production lines.

We look forward to working with you.
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Europe’s largest manufacturer of DPF cleaning machines
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