DPF Active Matic

What is DPF Active Matic?

The detergent is expertly crafted for the power washing of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), with a formula specifically developed to address the unique structure and types of particle matter accumulation found in DPFs.

It's designed for seamless use in closed-circuit cleaning machines, ensuring efficient and thorough cleaning. Furthermore, it has been rigorously laboratory tested to guarantee its effectiveness and reliability.

This product offers a professional-grade solution for maintaining the performance and longevity of diesel particulate filters.

Advantages of DPF Active Matic

The detergent is engineered to meticulously clean Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining filter efficiency and performance. It effectively unblocks soot-clogged filter channels, eliminating the dense "soot cake" that accumulates over time. The formula is designed to penetrate the porous walls dividing filter channels, removing trapped soot particles through a process of depth filtration. Additionally, it aids in releasing compressed ash from the rear ends of the filter inlet channels, ensuring thorough cleaning. Beyond the filter itself, this detergent also cleans the internal part of the steel filter casing, removing soot, oil, and their deposits. This product is an all-encompassing solution for the deep cleaning and maintenance of diesel particulate filters, ensuring they function optimally.

It fulfills the specified requirements:

The detergent for Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) offers a host of benefits designed for optimal cleaning and protection:

Catalytic Coating Safe: Ensures no harm to the filter's catalytic coating, vital for passive regeneration.

Alkaline pH: Boosts cleaning efficiency through an alkaline formulation.

Low Foaming: Prevents water pump damage by minimizing foam production.

Non-Sticky After Drying: Prevents fresh soot from clinging to the filter, maintaining cleanliness.

Gasket-Friendly: Compatible with sealing elements in the water system, avoiding deterioration.

Prevents Sediment Build-Up: Does not create a thick sediment layer in the water tank, prolonging filter cartridge life.

Corrosion Inhibitors: Protects steel casing from rust, enhancing filter durability.

Mild Scent: Offers a pleasant use without negatively impacting work conditions.

This detergent is meticulously formulated to clean effectively while safeguarding both the DPF system and the user's environment.

How does DPF Active Matic work?

The detergent is designed for optimal flow through the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system, including the filter brick (monolith) and its channels. It features a formula that efficiently penetrates the microscopic pores within the monolith walls, effectively cleaning the dirty inlet channels.

The product is formulated to soften and detach highly compressed particulates lodged in both the inlet channels and the microporous walls of the filter. Its carefully chosen surfactants lower the surface tension of the water-based solution, enhancing its ability to penetrate the filter's micropores.

The carefully adjusted viscosity of the fluid results in a phenomenon during the movement of liquid particles that produces an effect similar to friction.

Detergent application:

For DPF cleaning, mix 1L of detergent with 20L of water to make a 5% solution in the tank. Add 0.2L of concentrate to each DPF before cleaning. Heat the solution to 60-80°C for optimal results. The concentrate's pH is 11-12, ideal for dissolving soot and ash.

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