Cleaning liquid disposal

Particulate matter, including soot and ash particles, are evident in the DPF.
The bonding of oil residues with solid impurities and water, causes masses of sludge to form during the cleaning process.

Apart from soot particles, the sludgy ash contains a complex mixture of engine lubricant additives, wear metals, corrosion products, and many other non-combustible materials.

This sludge settles on surfaces of filter cartridge pleats.
The formation of sludge is limited by an efficient filtration system.
Deposition of sludge is limited by a separate sludge trap in the cleaning fluid tank of the Otomatic DPF cleaning machine.

Otomatic cartridges allow to clean up to 50 DPFs, depending on the degree of sludge removed from the diesel particle filters.

Waste filter cartridges should be disposed of in accordance with current regulations.
Check with your local or state environmental agencies before disposal.
Water tank
Waste water based solution
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