Disposal of used chemicals

Many small businesses produce hazardous waste. It's important to dispose of cleaning byproducts following local rules.

The cleaning fluid used in the Otomatic DPF ActiveMatic machine is an alkaline cleaning solution.

Local laws regulate how to dispose of hazardous wastes. If your area doesn't allow disposing of alkaline solutions in sewers, hire a professional waste handler.

The Otomatic DPF machines use filtration cartridges for the cleaning fluid, so changing it is rare, usually just 2-3 times yearly.

Your business is likely to be classified as a small quantity generator (SQG), meaning it produces between 100 and 1,000 kg of hazardous waste.

Always make sure to consult with your local or state environmental agencies on how to properly dispose of this waste.
Water tank
Used flushing and cleaning fluid
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