Welcome to the
revolutionary solution 
for cleaning DPFs.

Welcome to the revolutionary solution for cleaning DPFs.

World of truly revolutionary DPF cleaning solutions that are available today in the EU market.

Otomatic, unlike its competitors who are divided into supporters of hydrodynamic [wet] or pneumatic air knife [bake & blow] method, presents in 2022 for the first time the innovative hybrid method of DPF cleaning. 

Otomatic's patented hybrid method called DPF-hybrid™, combines the advantages of hydrodynamic and pneumatic methods and eliminates their disadvantages in a single unit machine.


The Stages of DPF | DOC | SCR Cleaning

All stages of DPF cleaning in one single unit machine.


Stage 1
Dry - Pneumatic Cleaning

Loose soot and ash combined with water creates sludge inside the filter, creating a larger pressure barrier, which can break the DPF ceramic monolith.

The Turbo Air Pulse program prepares the DPF for the next step of flushing ash and soot out of the channels with a water solution finding the "easy" path through the filter porous walls.


Stage 2
Wet Cleaning

Flows easily through the filter brick (monolith) through its unobstructed outlet channels and then penetrates the microscopic porous walls dividing the monolith channels to wash dirty inlet channels.

Its formula softens highly compressed and adhered particulates in both the filter's inlet channels and its microporous walls.

Carefully selected surfactants reduce the surface tension of the aqueous solution, leading to better effectiveness of the fluid in penetrating the filter's micropores. Thanks to the power of hydrodynamic washing, all the impurities are detached from the cleaned surface.

Due to the appropriate viscosity of the fluid, the movement of the fluid molecules is similar to friction.


Stage 3
Hot „Air Pulse” Cleaning

Complete removal of remaining sludge from inside the DPF filter [created with loose soot and ash when combined with water] thanks to patented "air pulse drying process".

No risk of dirty rinse water evaporation and accumulation of the remaining dirt particles in the filter cleaned channels.

If ash and soot particles are not removed sufficiently during the wet cleaning, these residues are blown outside the filter channels in the form of shrunken, dried particles.

Innovative wet & dry technology

Clean all types of particulate filter (DPFs),  diesel oxidation catalyst (DOCs) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) of every size


Oil & Coolant Soaked Filter Restoration Available

Clean and properly refurbish TIR-catalyst

DPF Filter - Pressure Washer Chamber Adapter

Our innovative product, the DPF filter pressure washer chamber adapter, is designed for cleaning particulate filters used in the exhaust system of lorries and pickup trucks, buses, construction machines and forklift trucks. The adapter works perfectly with hydrodynamic and the Otomatic hybrid DPF cleaning machines.

Universal adapter for all types
and shapes of DPF Truck filters.

Application number: P.432918

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