Your job is just to press the button

By purchasing the state-of-the-art DPF Platinum (AI) machine, you can now ensure DPF cleaning at the touch of a button.

1. Double-sided cleaning: Securely mount your DPF filter within the machine's cabin using the provided connection adapters from both sides of the filter.
2. One-Button Start: Press the START button to initiate the cleaning process. The DPF Platinum (AI) does the rest, automatically parameterizing the cleaning cycle tailored to your filter's needs.
3. Intelligent Automation: Our AI-driven system not only cleans but also oversees the entire operation, adjusting as needed for a thorough clean. You are free to focus on other tasks, knowing your DPF is in good hands.
4. Operational Oversight: Throughout the cleaning cycle, the machine intelligently monitors its performance, adjusting parameters as necessary for optimal results.
5. Completion Notification: You will be informed once the cleaning process is successfully completed.
AI Simplifies your workload:
AI Replaces Operator Tasks
AI technology takes over tasks normally done by an operator.

It monitors the machine's operation and smartly adjusts aspects such as pressure and the duration of the cleaning cycle. This approach allows for more efficient cleaning without the need for constant operator supervision.
Adjustment of the cleaning direction of the DPF.
There is no need to manually adjust the cleaning direction.

Artificial intelligence determines and changes the direction of flow for comprehensive cleaning, increasing the efficiency of the process.
Selecting Cleaning Settings
Manual selection of cleaning settings like compressed air pressure, cleaning fluid flow volume, main wash duration, and drying time can be difficult and error-prone.
The AI optimizes these settings for each cleaning cycle, ensuring an ideal balance between comprehensive cleaning and time efficiency.
By leveraging AI in the DPF Platinum (AI) machine, you can enjoy a fully automated, intelligent cleaning process that not only saves time but also guarantees a level of precision and efficiency that manual operations can't match. Embrace the future of DPF maintenance with technology designed to keep your diesel engines running cleanly and efficiently.
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