Filtration cartridges

The filtration system of the water-based solution is crucial in the DPF cleaning process, as the DPF itself functions as a filter. Therefore, the water-based solution used for cleaning must be devoid of dirt particles that could clog the DPF.

The effectiveness and precision of particulate filtration in DPFs vary. The parameters of particulate filters often depend on the exhaust emission standards they were required to meet during their use.

The emission limit values for heavy-duty engines have been set at 0.10, 0.05, or 0.02 g/bhp·hr for NOx and 0.005 g/km for PM since 2015.

Such stringent standards have compelled OEM manufacturers to develop increasingly sophisticated and precise DPF filters.

DPF filter core features porous walls with a meticulously controlled distribution of fine pores during its manufacturing. The material's total porosity typically ranges from 45 to 50% or higher, with average pore sizes between 10 to 20 μm. In cleaning DPF filters, the hydrodynamic method utilizes a water-based solution, pushing it from the outlet to the inlet channels through its porous walls.

DPF filter cleaning machines operate on a closed-circut system, using the same water-based solution throughout the cleaning process. The dirty water extracted from the DPF is filtered after each cycle before being reintroduced, ensuring continuous purity.

In designing filter cartridges, attention was paid not only to micron-level accuracy but also to efficiency percentages. While some market-available cartridges boast impressive filtration accuracy of 1μm, their efficiency often doesn't exceed 20-30%. In contrast, OTOMATIC filter cartridges excel in trapping the minutest particles of soot and ash, sizes far smaller than a grain of sand, demonstrating superior performance and efficiency.

OTOMATIC filter cartridges set themselves apart with several key features:
• Exceptional Filtration Efficiency: They boast a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for particles as small as 3-5 μm (1 micrometer = 1 thousandth of a millimeter), ensuring superior cleanliness and protection against even the finest particulate matter.
• Durable and Leak-Proof Seals: The use of unique polyurethane blend gaskets, known for their elasticity and high-temperature compression resistance, contributes to the cartridges' durability and tight sealing capabilities.
• Maintained Tightness Under Harsh Conditions: The special properties of these gaskets allow OTOMATIC filter cartridges to remain sealed tightly within tanks, even under extremely demanding operating conditions.
• Stabilized Filtration Pleats: Special ribs stabilize the filter pleats, preventing them from sticking together. This design ensures that the filtration process is effective across the entire surface of the filtration medium.
• Superior to Competing Products: Many competitors' filter cartridges, offering filtration levels between 10 to 100 μm or efficiency below 50% (such as candle, bag, or string filters), don't meet expectations.

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