Research & Development

In 2021 Otomatic DPF Platinum, showcasing pioneering DPF-hybrid technology, secured an impressive second place among over 700 contenders in contest organized by PARP. This prestigious competition is dedicated to funding the realization of groundbreaking products and processes that emerge from research and development endeavors.

The DPF Platinum machine's innovative design in hybrid technology is a testament to Otomatic's research and development efforts, undertaken in collaboration with the Lukasiewicz Institute and the Silesian University of Technology. This collaboration highlights the synergy between academic research and practical application, leading to significant advancements in technology.

It stands as a hallmark of Otomatic's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and contributing to the industry with cutting-edge solutions.
Launch of a groundbreaking DPF-hybrid technology machine for efficient particulate filter cleaning.
Project Objective:
The primary goal of this project is to leverage the outcomes of extensive research and development (R&D) activities to enhance and diversify Otomatic product portfolio. This objective will be achieved by introducing an innovative machine designed for cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF), known as the DPF Platinum.

The project's beneficiary, Otomatic, is poised to significantly benefit from this initiative. By incorporating this innovative DPF cleaning solution into their offerings, Otomatic aims to set a new standard in the automotive maintenance and environmental sustainability sectors. This strategic move not only strengthens Otomatic's position in the market but also underscores their commitment to adopting and implementing cutting-edge technologies for the betterment of the industry and the environment.
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